General English Fluency

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General English Fluency

Duration: 20 Hours Class Type: Full Time Teaching Method: Traditional Training Requirement: Internship not Required Tuition Language/s: English
  • Domestic Price: EUR €240.00for 1 Week Class
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    Price: EUR €240.00
    EUR €240.00
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General Description:

- 20 hours group tuition / week - Course Code: GE20 - Level: Elementary – Advanced The General English Fluency course is our most popular course. It consists of 20 hours of General English group classes per week that focus on improving your accuracy, fluency and confidence in English. These are fun and challenging classes that focus on real-life grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation so that you will be able to communicate successfully with people from all over the world. In class your teachers will monitor your progress and give you regular feedback to help you use new language with confidence and maximise your learning. Included in this course: - Access to Social and Cultural Programme at discounted prices - Access to afternoon electives - Free Wifi and computer room access - Monthly tutorials for long-term students - End of Course Completion Certificate detailing student’s level

Days Session Time Description
Monday Morning 9.00am - 11.00am LESSON A
Monday Morning 11.30am - 1.10pm LESSON B
Tuesday Morning 9.00am - 11.00am LESSON A
Tuesday Morning 11.30am - 1.10pm LESSON B
Wednesday Morning 9.00am - 11.00am LESSON A
Wednesday Morning 11.30am - 1.10pm LESSON B
Thursday Morning 9.00am - 11.00am LESSON A
Thursday Morning 11.30am - 1.10pm LESSON B
Friday Morning 9.00am - 11.00am LESSON A
Friday Morning 11.30am - 1.10pm LESSON B
Minimum Entry Requirements:Age: 18+ Available year round
Learning Methodology:In class students work on developing their productive and receptive skills while also increasing their accuracy and fluency. Our teaching is based on a communicative and task-based approach, which means students always focus on effective real-life communication and ways of practising and achieving it. Each day the class is divide into two lessons: > Lesson A 9am to 11am > Lesson B 11.30am to 1.10pm Lessons A and B are taught by different teachers to give you exposure to a variety of accents and teaching styles. In general, Lesson A focuses on developing your Grammar, Vocabulary and Functional Language. Lesson B focuses on interactive communication with an emphasis on Speaking Skills and Pronunciation.
Cancellation Information: If Cancellation is 2 weeks before start date of the course, the fee is 100.00% refundable.