English Egyptian Language School

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Mostafa Kamel Street, Mandara
Al Iskandariyah Egypt
We firmly believe that parents are vital partners in the education process so communication between the school and home is essential. The means of communication are as follows: 1. Parents Meetings: Regular parents meetings are arranged to give updated feedback to parents Dates arranged for these meetings are mentioned on the school calendar. These meetings take place in classrooms and are meant to discuss student performance. 2. Individual Counseling: Achieving our mission will be through individual counselling to discuss urgent issues during scheduled hours. These meetings must be arranged through the school telephone operator only. 3. Channel Books: The channel book is a means of communication between teachers and parents. We ask parents to check channels daily. 4. Attending School Events: Parents are invited to attend different school events to share their children’s success and discovering their capabilities and getting the best out of them. 5. Newsletters and emails

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