College of the Resurrection

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Stocks Bank Rd, Kirklees
West Yorkshire United Kingdom
The College of the Resurrection, popularly known as Mirfield, is an Anglo-Catholic theological college of the Church of England in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, England. Founded in 1903, it describes itself as "A Theological College like no other".[citation needed] The college has close links to the Community of the Resurrection. It trains men and women, from the full range of Anglican churchmanship, for the priesthood. All resident students are expected to attend Matins and Evensong six days a week. On most days the college says Mattins and celebrates Low Mass in the college chapel and joins the Community of the Resurrection to sing Evensong. Saturday is the normal day off each week when there are no obligations. On Sundays, students are expected to join the community for Matins and the Solemn Mass. Later in the morning, students normally go to a local parish church as part of their pastoral formation. Single students live at the college, married students in nearby houses owned by the college. The married-student houses range in size from two to four bedrooms and none are more than a ten-minute walk from the college.

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